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Coolsat Replacement Remote Control$9.99
Digiwave DGS-0102 2-Way Splitter (For TV)$3.99
Digiwave 2' Satellite Dish Tripod (DGA6226)$34.99
Digiwave DGA-6717 2LNBF Bracket for 18" Dish (New)$8.99
Digiwave DGA6703 Dual LNB (119/110) Bracket$14.99
Digiwave A04-20 Satellite Signal Inline Amplifier$9.99
Digiwave DGS-CA7213 3-Way Splitter (For TV)$6.99
Digiwave GDA-6710 5 LNBF Bracket for Elliptical Dish$7.99
Digiwave RG6 Cable 100' (white) with Connectors$24.99
Digiwave DGA6708 Quad Multi LNB Mount (Adjustable)$14.99
Digiwave 3' Satellite Dish Tripod (DGA6228)$39.99
Digiwave DGA-6041 Female to Female "F" Adaptor, Blue - High frequency up to 3GHz$1.49
Digiwave HV-102H Crimpping Tools (HEX type)$9.99
21" Extend J-Pipe For Dish with Wall Mount Bracket (DGA-6305)$17.99
Signalcat Satellite Finder (SC-20P)$12.99
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